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Iberian pig fat and health

It has been proven that fats with high mono-unsaturated fatty acid content are beneficial to cholesterol levels in the blood. They promote an increase in HDLs (good cholesterol) and reduce harmful LDLs. Iberian "bellota" or mountain pig fat contains over 55% oleic acid, which out of all the animal and vegetable fats we consume on a daily basis, is only slightly lower than olive oil. The total amount of unsaturated fatty acids in cured Iberian pork products stands at over 70%, making it the most "heart-healthy" of all known animal fats. It is even healthier than some vegetable fats.

Recent and diverse nutritional studies have shown that including a moderate quantity of cured Iberian "bellota" pork fats in your diet does not only reduce cholesterol levels in the blood but also slightly reduces triglycerides.