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Parts of a ham and how to eat it

Cushion: the part of the ham in which the fat runs deepest. It is pleasing to the senses and provides quite a high flesh content.

Stifle: the opposite side to the cushion. It is thinner and normally more cured with a thicker consistency. It has a low fat content both on the surface and inside the ham. It does not have high flesh content.

Tip: the end part of the ham completely opposite the hoof. It is tasty and has a high fat content, however if it is not sufficiently covered in fat it can sometimes taste rather salty.

There are other important parts to a ham such as:

Fat: the natural covering of a ham that is scored into a "V" shape during preparation. A mature, good quality ham has yellowish coloured fat, which should not be eaten alone. As the covering is sometimes thick, the fat should be removed bit by bit when carving and eating.