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Charcutería Juan Mas | 1945-1970
JM Juan Mas | 1970-1980
J.M.S Alimentación | 1980-1985
Mas Xarcuters | 1985-2003
Mas Gourmets de l'embotit | Desde 2003
Mas Gourmets de l'embotit | Desde 2003

1945-2019 MAS GOURMETS

Three generations of passion for the gastronomy of sauge meats

First generation

The beginnings of Mas Gourmets go back to 1945, when Joan Mas Navarro and his wife opened a small establishment that also served the triple purpose of grocer's shop, warehouse and dwelling. The couple gradually acquired new premises in which they wagered on a system that was completely different from that of the competitors of the time.

Juan Mas Navarro decided to fit-out his establishments with a powerful lighting system, thus promoting the image and presentation of the products. This strategy allowed differentiating the Mas stores from all the other neighbourhood grocer's shops and delicatessens, where it was impossible for the clients to clearly see what they were purchasing. This new expense in energy did not however imply an increase in prices, given that Juan Mas Navarro decided to greatly adjust his trade margin, thus insuring increased rotation of the products and, consequently, an increase in the profitability of his business.

Second generation

In the decade of the seventies Mas Gourmets decided to undergo a period of expansion and important consolidation, thus turning into the first chain of delicatessens in the city. This period involved a generational reshuffling in the figure of Juan Mas Rapa, firstborn son of the Founder, and current President of the company, who in turn also dedicated important efforts to the company's expansion, opening quality supermarkets and introducing the company in the Grupo 80 purchasing group.

Third generation

The incorporation of the Third Generation took place during the first years of the 21st century, with said generation occupying the executive posts, these being Juan Mas Velasco and Jorge Mas Velasco, who are currently the Chief Executives and sons of the present-day President, both of whom decided to carry out a revolution in the Delicatessen sector imbuing the same with Glamour, Professionalism, Service and Delicatessen Products. These young entrepreneurs are more than determined to offer added value to the Final Consumer, wagering on what they define as the company's very best asset, its Employees. Their project is denominated "Gourmets de l'Embotit" (Sausage Meat Gourmets).